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Sure, I've been known to rock a body-con dress or two, but I've never executed such a look on a date.Going into it that evening, I honestly had no idea how the night would end.Part of me feared whether he would be put off by my little stunt.As a woman, I know all too well what it's like to be judged, not to mention harassed, for wearing revealing clothing.So, I opted for a guy who fit similar criteria; a guy I had been seeing casually.Established connection, check; sexual tension, double check.Followed promptly by, "Wow, that's really short," after I unwrapped my trench coat and took the seat next to him. " he asked before taking it upon himself to investigate.With a slightly devious expression, he touched my hip to feel for a second layer.

There was an established connection and palpable sexual tension.Since it wasn't cold out, I couldn't rock a glamorous fur with my look à la Bradshaw.Instead, I decided on a soft trench, which left me feeling a little bit like a flasher as I secured it around my waist, leaving one leg exposed.Sure, I've had pre-date jitters before, but few things have made me more nervous than wearing a "naked" dress for the occasion.In honor of #Nude Week, I volunteered to test out Carrie Bradshaw's brazen tactic of wearing a naked dress on a date—as she did with Mr. Most of us know how that story ends—or should I say, begins—with the two having sex before they even make it to dinner.

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