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As you drive the hips forward, think of keeping the heart lifted and pulling away from the front thigh. This video shows a backbending option with arms overhead followed by draping them long by the sides, bending the back knee and finishing with a flipped grip. Make sure to follow the other hosts and our sponsors: #Yogi Matcation @rebelaffair @eastonwestapparel @justchill @jennifermartinyoga @robinmartinyoga @seanphelpslife @yogagrams Hope everyone is enjoying the “vacation” on their mat☀️ A video posted by Jennifer Martin (@jennifermartinyoga) on All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Day 1 of #Happiness Is Yoga is #Baddha Konasana or #Butterfly Pose with the theme ➳ P E A C E ☮ Yoga has taught me that even in the midst of chaos, you can tune inward and find a place where you feel calm and collected. I can go to this place of happiness at ANY TIME in my mind and channel those feelings. What is it about that style that resonates with you? _____ DK A photo posted by D E V I N K E L L E Y (@dkyoga) on × ÷ the Light in me honors the Light in you × ÷ Sending waves of light your way from all encompassing ÷infinite Source from my heart to yours viva da floresta!

No yoga ➳ no peace • Know yoga ➳➳ KNOW peace ☮ Hosts: @lorisuperfoods and @fithipmom Sponsor: @aloyoga A photo posted by Rachel Hatch (@llcool_rae) on It’s amazing how much diversity has blossomed recently within the practice of modern yoga. ¤ × × ÷♡ A photo posted by Vanya (@merakilabbe) on Day 1 #balancebasics Hosts @athleta @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl #yogaposedaily #treepose #yogachallenge #hotyogi #stretch #fitfam #fitspro #balance #health #instayogi #yogaeverydamnday #mensyoga #mens_yoga #namaste #wallart #art #sd #sandiego #chulavista A photo posted by @yogaflowjits on ✨☺️✌️ Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.

This is the power of namaste: it sees us, it honors us and it’s grateful. Here is a glimpse into how #namaste has made a home in these hearts.

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From downward facing dog inhale sweep the (R) leg back and up and step through for lunge, foot comes in between the hands and in line with the hip.

Lower the (L) knee down, release the toes and on an inhale lift the chest and sweep the arms up. Check in tomorrow night with @yogagrams to see tomorrow’s challenge pose. I love to travel and explore and discover new places I have never been.

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  1. The order in which you race them is relatively loose, giving you a degree of freedom over how you approach the game, and as long as you meet the point requirements, you could feasibly skip entire events if you have a particular aversion to one or more of the racing disciplines.