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Most of these charts are based on menstrual age to estimate gestational age at the day of the ultrasound examination, based on modest sample sizes, generated many years ago using ultrasound machines of poorer resolution, or used transabdominal measurements (which gives poorer pictures relative to a transvaginal approach) [6–8].

We then applied all six existing reference charts and our chart to estimate gestational age of CRL measurements obtained from 3052 consecutive first-trimester singleton ultrasound scans pregnancies at 6–9 weeks of gestation.Ethics approval was obtained before we commenced the study (Project 05063, Monash Surgical Private Human Research Ethics Committee, Clayton, VIC, Australia).For this retrospective database study where we used de-identified data in aggregate, the ethics committee specifically approved our request not to obtain individual patient consent.These were identified from a total cohort of 4971 first trimester ultrasound reports of IVF and naturally conceived pregnancy scans.Pregnancies that resulted from frozen embryos transfer, complicated by fetal structural anomalies, delivered before 24 weeks, or had missing data were all excluded.

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