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Equally it does not promote only one way of eating. We were constantly being separated for giggling too much.Everything from Macrobiotics and Ayurveda to just good, seasonal, authentic food will find a place to rest here. We still can’t stop laughing, but these days no one can keep us apart.Perched above the street and featuring a front-yard patio, it's set within a vibrant Albany neighborhood of older homes.With more than a decade spent in their home, R and L have plenty of home ownership tales and neighborhood love to share.

It is not solely focused on that which is new or hip, but also on age-old remedies, timeless wisdom, books and ancient poems. Daisy and I have been friends literally our whole lives and spent most weekends together as children in the countryside, raiding our parents’ vegetable gardens for midnight feasts which were usually over by 8pm.

I know my meridians from my marma points and my chi from my chia seeds. Words that soothe your soul like a flannel on a feverish brow and descriptions of human fallibility that resonate on a cellular level save me in dark moments. I am a freelance travel writer who has lived in South Africa, Berlin, Rwanda and India.

I have written about spa treatments and holistic health for the . I initially trained as a chef and cooking is my great escape from life.

I have too many favourite books to count but to name a few: Ciao!

I am the (Italian) voice responsible for writing the ‘Nutritional Value’ of the SPA.

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It is about travelling to the far corners of the world, as well as deep within, and enjoying all the differing flavours of a rich, full and extremely blessed life.

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