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The Tsodilo Hills are an interesting rock art site, located in the North of Botswana, not far from the Namibia and the Okavango Panhandle, and are located in the immense basin of the Kalahari Desert.The hills are four elevations rising from the desert highland, the highest reaches 400 meters and with the total of 1,400 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in Botswana. It already happened with some of the guys we’ve toured with. I bet fans at home are watching, awaiting our arrival. We were informed that we were being recorded for a live stream. But I don’t know if I can get the rest of your group in. The paintings were made in white or red, using pigments obtained from plants and mixed with ashes; the white paintings are attributed to the populations of Bantu origin, while the red paintings, older, are attributed to the San.Archaeological drawings and testimonies have an extraordinary state of conservation, thanks to three factors: their isolated position, the low population density and the high degree of resistance to the erosion of quartzite rock. She pulled away, again looking around to see if anyone noticed. Though no one questions our interactions like they had in the beginning.“Thanks. I nodded, than turned to our manager, asking him when we’ll get out of this crowded, hot, hotel lobby. Unlike the cheery few seconds we got seeing fans on the way onto this cramped bus, the vibe completely shifted once management informed us we didn’t win our nomination for song of the summer.“Well you win some and you lose some.” I sighed. Everyone did that little half forced smile then stepped out. H: You can come with me to this place Josh just told me about. I’m not feeling my hair.” she leaned in and whispered the last part, looking around hoping no one was in ear shot.“You look fine.” I replied, reaching up to tuck her lose hair back a bit. ” Mama Dre clapped as we pulled into the VIP drop off. Well not awesome they can’t come but you know what I mean.

Then I notice one from someone I hadn’t seen in a whole month. The San have other beliefs linked to the hills; on the Western side of the Female Hill there is a cave that contains a permanent source of water, the San believe there is a giant snake here, with spiral horns similar to those of the kudus.The Hambukushu ethnicity, of Bantu origin, believe that the god Nyambe brought down man and other creatures on earth right on the Female Hill; proof of this they claim is that there are footprints of animals and humans on the top of the hill; in reality these are natural signs engraved in the rock by weather agents. Everyone kind of just stared out the windows with blank expressions. Always our little sunshine.“Alright, Happy faces, ladies! We have to be in NY on Saturday for a show and radio interview. She stopped mid step, turning to sit on the edge of the bed.

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