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Let's face it - it's not easy to meet someone who ticks all your boxes. Attractive World is New Zealand's first peer-approved dating site that lets you decide who joins the community. " button just up there in the right hand corner, you'll have the chance to tell us some interesting things about you.

We’re shaking up online dating in NZ by building a community of Kiwis looking for lasting relationships. So, how can you take the first step in finding the right person for you on New Zealand's premier dating site? For the best chance of being voted into the community of Kiwi singles, make sure you include your personal details and dating preferences.

Nielsen data on the monthly audience numbers of New Zealand dating sites shows a similar trend, but over a longer period of time.

While I have no magic bullet, I do have some experiences and some tales of woe to share.

I feel its important." MATT: "Yeeah, *hic* no worries").

This graph by 7Park Data shows the percentage of online dating site sessions vs.

Tinder’s mobile app sessions, and Tinder has taken over.

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