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For instance, in a 2011 study of healthy men and women, Washington University researchers found that omega 3s increased the subjects’ muscle-building response to insulin and amino acids, both of which are released in the body during exercise. They’ll Make DOMS a Thing of the Past Another benefit of omega 3s’ inflammation-fighting ways is its ability to nix DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.) You know, the ache that leaves you limping for two days after you hit the squat rack. They’ll Boost Your Reaction Time The human brain is nearly 60 percent fat, so it’s no shocker that omega 3 fatty acids help the heap of wrinkly fat do its thing. Ikemoto explains this is because having adequate levels of omega 3s allows your body to better burn fat for energy while exercising.

The fatty acids have been shown to improve cognitive functioning, and play a critical role in both visual processing and signaling, according to research out of Taiwan. Bonus: It also means you don’t burn as much muscle when you’re pounding the pavement. They’ll Make Your Workouts Feel Easier Part of omega 3s’ heart-health benefit is that they decrease heart rate and the amount of oxygen your body burns through every minute, Ikemoto says. It means that, during every minute of exercise, your body needs less oxygen than does your competitor.

And while no athlete is hitting a new PR without a healthy heart, the in-the-gym, on-the-field benefits of omega 3s go so much further.

Omega 3s can not only speed your workout recovery, boost your gains, and help you hit new athletic goals, but are also necessary for cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health.

And here's what's new about this reasearch, which was published in In the study, a group of 18- to 25-year-olds took fish oil pills every day for six months, then researchers tested their memory with a simple recall game.

The scientists found that the study subjects boosted their working memory up to 23 percent, and while they couldn’t rule out that the participants' performance simply improved with practice, the results Now, the fish oil pills used in the study contained high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (2000 mg a day), so you may not get the same results from eating foods like fish, which are rich in the nutrient.

Besides decreasing muscle breakdown, omega 3 fatty acids increase protein synthesis—the process in which your muscles transform the protein you eat into the protein in your biceps, Ikemoto says. In a 2015 study of male athletes, supplementation with a DHA and EPA led to greater increases in neuromuscular function (they increased thigh function by 20 percent! In one study, researchers found that daily omega 3 fish oil supplementation significantly decreased adults’ fat mass in just six weeks.I'll give you easy and simple drug-free strategies to lower your heart disease risk by quenching inflammation.It's the ultimate betrayal, akin to the flat earth theory that inexplicably gained traction in the 21st century despite clear and indisputable proof of the opposite.To get enough EPA and DHA—many experts recommend 500 to 1,000 mg per day—you would need to eat at least two servings of fatty fish like salmon, tuna, or mackerel each week.Not to mention the requisite nuts, seeds, and heart-healthy oils to hit your ALA requirements.

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