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It contained the new restyled Parker Victory MK V, which was fitted, like all the UK Duofolds, with the aerometric filling system that year. Official Prototype: Insignia, black seal and signature BP and MP Presidential Inaugural Seal in gold.A Limited Edition pen is produced in a finite, limited number. Thus while it has long been believed that the Parker Eversharp was the first of the Parker bill signers it now appears that that 'honor' belongs to the Parker 45 'Demonstrator'.A Special Edition pen is produced for a limited time period, and a Special Purpose Edition is a pen that is produced for a special occasion, for instance a signing, a store opening, a movie or such. Window Jotter Red with silver cap and GF trim The white house / Washington / With best wishes / Signature Parker Eversharp.It’s not always easy to decide what should be called a Special Edition pen or not. 2005 Duofold Centennial Maki-E Tairyun (Twin Dragons). Felt tip, blue pen with chrome trim, signature and White House seal. Felt tip, blue pen with gold trim, signature and White House seal. Gerald Ford administration 1974-1977 Prototype: Big red Ford signature Parker 45 fp Parker 75 Keepsake blue seal and Ford signature Black Duofold BP with the Presidential seal on the cap?Many pens are being ordered by companies in the line of company marketings, and are ordered in limited numbers and/or are being sold or given away for a limited time. Richard Nixon administration 1969-1974 Prototype: all GF jotter pen and pencil set in a black box with the seal and red lining Prototype: T1 ball pen in ditto box Prototype: Big red Nixon signature Nixon inauguration January 2, 1973 Ball point cub stand seal and “with best wishes / Richard Nixon in a white presentation box Nixon. Jimmy Carter administration 1977-1981 Prototype: Big red Carter signature Prototype: systemark brown imprinted The White House, signature and a dark brown presentation box with the seal also all silver sytemark only signature in black Big Red Presidential Inauguration / Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale /20 january 1977 Black Duofold BP with the Presidential seal on the cap?

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