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Tagged had hoped to go public with an Initial Public Offering in 2014, but revenue was lower than expected. Other Tagged partners include Slide, Rock You, Photo Bucket, Meebo, Razz, and Jangle.

The company was named “Hottest of San Francisco Companies” in 2010 and named “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes in 2011.

Johann Schleier-Smith received his Bachelors Degree from Harvard University, has worked on his Ph D at Stanford University, and recently received his Masters of Science Degree from the University of California at Berkeley. is unique as a social media site that has been able to build profit, especially in the era of Facebook. To establish Tagged,0seng and Schleier-Smith raised funds through Angel Investor and Mayfield Fund.

The average annual revenue for the company million. In 2008, Microsoft partnered with several social networking sites including Tagged.

Unlike other social networking sites that connect you with people you already know or to celebrities, Tagged is about meeting new people.

It can be used to create friendships with people around the world who have common interests with you.

” or a new MTV for this generations internet users. Tseng has made it a priority to treat employees as a family.

Tagged’s goal is to facilitate new connections between its members.

is asocial media site where members can meet other members.

A 19-year-old who sold his news app to Yahoo for million in 2013 now divides his time between being a full-time student at Oxford University and spending his holidays as a part-time product manager for the tech company in Silicon Valley.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is looking to the company's mobile development team to develop a version of D'Aloisio's app to work on a watch-sized interface - something the 19-year-old is taking in his stride.

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