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So yes, not having the original pickups hurts the resale value. I put this together a while back and it has been updated a few times on a different forum. Everything you wanted to know about the T-40 bass V2.2: Tone-Very Versatile, but still has a unique tone all it's own.These pickups are noted for being somewhat warmer sounding without quite as much gain as, but perhaps more "thickness" than, the blade models.-82/83 and later models have single magnet and exposed blade humbucking pickups.

00308019 T-40 bass 79 00307778 T-40 bass 79 00394058 T-60 guitar 79 00395415 T-40 guitar 79 00475915 T-40 bass 80 00515301 T-60 guitar 80 00533530 T-60 guitar 80 00658037 T-60 guitar 82 01036658 T-60 guitar p 4/82? T-60 guitar 83 01370055 T-15 guitar 83 01417571 T-40 bass sff 4/8/83 01422657 T-60 guitar 83 01467995 T-30 guitar 83 01589041 T-20 (bass) 83 01614821 Patriot guitar Hi everybody , I am a T-40 enthusiast ( and also owner of a early '80 Peavey Foundation bass ) and I read about the forum just few minutes ago , and quickly registered I am the proud owner of a T-40 , serial number 01763916 , it should be a '84 one I guess ...

Hardware -Sturdy, sometimes oversized chrome hardware. The cast bridge has a sustain block and allows through body stringing only.

Tuners are similar to current model Grover Titan and Schaller m4s model machines.

Later model T-40 bodies are reportedly more contoured and a bit lighter than earlier model T-40s Finishes- The most common T-40 body finish is a thin satin natural colored finish with the grain accenuated by the application of a walnut colored grain filler.

The finish is not extremely hard, but not being gloss, natural T-40s hide their dents well.

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