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Vitamins will help chicks build strong bones and healthy blood cells, and fats to provide energy and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Unless you wish to feed a vegetarian diet to your animals, don’t try to mix your own feed.

It is essential that they have fresh, clean water at all times to prevent diseases. Scrub the feeders and waterer once a week with bleach.

Keep the brooder clean and feed your chicks quality food. It seems like overnight these precious little birds turn into beautiful egg-layers.

The Institute of Medicine recommends 25 grams per day for women and 38 for men, which is well above the average of 15 grams most Americans are getting.

(Average meaning half of these people are below that number. ) Some wellness experts even advise bumping up your fiber to 40 grams. If the body senses you're dehydrated, it'll suck every drop of moisure out of your food, which means dry, hard dookie.

Chicks grow from tiny fluffy balls to egg-laying hens in five months.

We put little pebbles in the waterer to prevent the chicks from standing (and invariably pooping) in it.You shouldn’t need a medicated starter if you raise your chicks before warm, humid weather allows coccidia to flourish.Your decision of whether or not you choose to use a medicated starter for chicks should be based on the size of your flock (a handful of chicks raised in a clean brooder are less likely to be infected) and the condition of the environment.This chart is unappetizing at best, so we've used some candy stand-ins to dial down the ick factor. So how can we make all our number twos a number four? Seems pretty simple: Eat food, your body extracts the nutrients it needs, and the rest gets flushed away. Not getting enough fiber is like pressing down on those cushions and squeezing all the air out, making them hard and uncomfortable to the point that you can feel every spring in the seat.As you can see from above, types 1 and 2 are the results of constipation. Well, in this system there are a couple factors at play. It's categorized as either soluble (meaning it can dissolve in water) or insoluble (stays intact in water). Fiber is the helpful butler fluffing up the cushions to make them soft and cushy so you're sitting pretty.

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