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As I write this, seemingly every article on the Telegraph website is flanked by adverts for engagement rings. That day, once every four years when it becomes marginally more socially acceptable for a woman to ask the man they want to spend the rest of their life with to do so.Not just any old rings either – ones that are identified by the colour of the box. The only unifying factor being that each slogan, video and twinkle is aimed at one half of the market, to be bought by the other. The argument is – why wait for a fluke of the Roman calendar?

If you are satisfied with the answers of the above questions as well as others you may have asked your partner, then you may be ready to propose.

Because despite the fact that I am a fully paid up feminist of the non-hairy armpit kind, the psychological element remains that women want to be proposed to.

We want the declaration that this man takes this woman to be his lawful wedded wife.

A completely informal survey among my friends of varied relationship statuses towed the accepted line.

“If you have to ask him, he’s just not that into you,” offered my married friend M.

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For example, do you know how big of a house you would want or what kind of standard of living you want? —Are you both emotionally stable enough to handle marriage?

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