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However, the disparity widens in favor of men once a college degree is obtained in Utah County.So it’s hard to be a single college-educated woman in Utah. Birger’s Time’s article specifically focuses on the demographics of singles in the Utah LDS population.Utah comes in having the fifth highest ratio of men to women in all age groups across the nation.Zooming into the interactive map based on Census data from 2011–13, a closer look at Utah County cities shows the ratios of single men to single women.Many singles use Tinder, a dating app that matches people if both parties “swipe right” on a profile photo, indicating they are interested.

Writing about the “modern dating crisis,” author Jon Birger recently released his book, “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game.” In an article published on Time’s website Monday, Birger shared part of his findings on how the United States demographics are skewed in the favor of men in the dating world. In fact, Utah’s population has more men than women.

But Willoughby says that’s not something he’s seen.

“I see a lot of married women in my classroom,” Willoughby said. I’m probably biased because I am more likely to hear about a student that’s stayed than a student that’s left.” Plus, there is a culture shift for women too.

Here are the results for the two youngest age groups comparing single individuals who earned college degrees to those who didn’t earn a college degree.

Provo: Where single people don’t have a college degree, the numbers balance out in these two age groups.

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