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Conditioning straightening, serums and sculpting sprays 11.

In-between shampoo conditioners including oils, butters and moisturizers There are also niche conditioners that are designed to preserve, intensify and/or extend colored hair.

Rinse out conditioners, finishing rinses and instant treatments come in a wide range of formulas.

These types of conditioners should be selected to match your hair's type, texture and challenges.

These conditioners can be used at a variety of times on either dry or wet hair.

Depending on they type, texture and condition of hair the deep conditioner will treat, they can last from 2 minutes to over 60 minutes.

Disadvantages: Depending on the ultimate goal of the pre-conditioning treatments, they can be time consuming and even messy when using hot oils or hair masks.

Post shampoo rinse-out conditioners which are also known as finishing rinses and instant conditioners 4. Conditioning detanglers designed to condition while detangling after shampoo sessions 9.

Deep conditioning treatments which can be used at a variety of times on either dry or wet hair. Leave-in conditioners used after hair is washed and towel dried 6. Moisture enhancing hair mousses with conditioning properties 10.

This prevents any excessive drying of the strands and minimizes any striping of natural oils during the cleansing cycle.

Disadvantages: Because this is a mixture, neither step works as well.

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