Quotes about friends dating your crush

Why this is a perfect crush quote: Unless you are super careful all of the time, most people will notice that you have started smiling a lot more than usual and that you light up whenever your crush comes up in conversation.Somehow your crush is the only one who doesn’t pick up on the signs you are sending.Sometimes you might think that it would be easier to deal with if he rejected you because then at least you wouldn’t feel invisible.Why this is a perfect crush quote: The reality of having a crush is that he may not feel anything romantic for you, or even want to be your friend.Even though you may worry that your friends won’t encourage your crush, don’t forget that they love you and will support you through the feelings you are experiencing even if they do not think your choice in guy makes any sense.

However, even if you have no idea if your crush would be there, it is such a habit to keep an eye out for him that you will definitely still look.

This is the perfect cute crush quote whether you know this guy really well or don’t know him at all because all any girl with a cursh wants is to hear that he has spent just as much time thinking about her.

Why this is a perfect crush quote: When you like a guy, seeing him smile when he notices you is the best feeling ever!

These emotions you are feeling can be overwhelming and hard to understand which is why we have put together this list of 30 crush quotes to help you come to terms with what’ s going through your mind and your heart.

You may not feel comfortable admitting to anyone (especially him!

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