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Her eyes slowly began to heal until finally she was able to see more and more and more. “I’m sorry Chaim, but I want to see the world and I can’t do that with you.” Chaim sadly agreed to pack up and leave. When she came home that night, she saw a letter on her bed that her husband had left her. Take care of those eyes, because not long ago they were mine.” There’s a pasuk in Bereshis which says “Va’yitzer Hashem Elokim es ha’adam afar min ha’adama va’yipach apo nishmas chaim – Hashem created man from dirt and He blew into man His soul of life” Hashem gave us a transplant – He gave us His neshama. For the first time in her life she saw light, colors, and people. She carefully opened the letter – “Dear Chana, I really and truly love you and I’ve always loved you. I would recommend more search options; Meaning ability to search for shiurim once In a speakers folder or specific category as currently that is not possible.Also subcategories should go down to more detail so that once in the Gemorah folder we will be able to go into specific masechta and specific amud folder.One day he was listening to the radio and he heard that there was a doctor in the United States that dealt with blind people – this doctor performed eye transplants.

I am writing from Melbourne Australia, and having the access to such speakers is phenomenal.By Abie, The following story is from a shiur given by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein.There was once a young lady who was blind and she was looking for a shidduch. Eventually, she was set up with a boy who fell madly in love with her, and he married her and he took very good care of her.The only problem was that there was a twenty year wait. A month later, the man runs into the house exclaiming, “Chanela! The day before the operation, as the eager couple sat in the hospital room, the man turned to his wife and said. However, I thought I should tell you now so that you won’t be shocked once you get your sight.” Chana started crying. But I have to see the world, I have to be busy with everything else but You.” Never forget that Hashem gave us our “eyes” – and he expects us to use them wisely, to serve Him lovingly and sincerely, to care for our fellow yidden, and to reach our unique potentials.The next day Chana received her eye transplant, and it worked.

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Im sure that this is what will bring our geulah b'mhera. It's very easy to find speakers that you're following (there's the alphabetical list of letters that you can automatically jump to on the right side), as opposed to having to scroll down thru the whole list on the website.

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