Radiocarbon dating of wood

For non-profit users, an invoice is issued upon delivery of the the results, and payment is required withing 30 days.For Canadian commercial users, and non-Canadian users, payment is required prior to releasing results.For fully trained outside users processing samples at the AEL-AMS laboratory, a 20% discount will be applied at the discretion of AEL-AMS staff.For Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre (OCGC) users, the OCGC discounted rate will be applied with no further discounts for quantity.

For δ13C and δ15N, we submit the extracted collagen to our partner lab, the .The general theory is that humic acids percolate downward and make radiocarbon dates appear younger.However, this is not always the case so it is important to test this method first before pursuing numerous analyses.Below is a list of commonly dated materials, the factors that should be taken into account when selecting material, and the pretreatment methods that the samples will undergo prior to radiocarbon dating.The radiocarbon age of wood corresponds the year the ring grew.

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