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I am in a relationship with a Muslim for almost 18 years....recently she has started wearing a vale.... Every time the word Hindu is mentioned I am called a kafir. I promised to get my (Hindu) mom out of this situation and also never ever end up like her.When I turned 18, along with the help of a lawyer, I managed to get my mom and dad divorced..... On a Guyanese Hindu women....despite his assurances, the bride was given a Muslim name.3) expect the children to have Arabic names only, 4) children have Sunat (religious circumcision) and raised in the Islamic faith only, 5) will not allow idol, like Lord Ganesh murti, displayed in your living room, You will hear some of these expectations just before the wedding and most after the marriage.After years of being in a romantic relationship, reluctantly accepting the religious conversion (Shahadah) may be the only way of averting a marital grid-lock.

Religious conversion from Islam was therefore conceptualized as a vital criminal violation that might be punishable by death because a former Muslim would endanger the existence of all Muslims by allying with an enemy of Islam. Hinduism and Buddhism view marriage as sacramental.

We have been dating for 3 years now and recently he found out that his mom is looking for girls for him. but neither my parents nor his parents want us to marry now plz tell me what should i do ? YOU’RE the one who’s going to be asked to convert, to sacrifice who you are, to turn your back on your culture and heritage. She is Sikh and will remain Sikh and I am still Muslim.

We are happy and I don’t think someone should say it just to “please” their spouse’s family, because I think your faith is a part of who you are, and even though I am Muslim, whatever you are raised as, Hindu, Sikh, Jain, etc.

This interfaith marriage problem may be solved by conversion of the person from other faith to Islam.

Muslim men to marry Ahl al-Kitab (People of Book, like Jews and Christians) is essentially a political Islamization strategy.

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The theological discouragement to marry a mushrik (polytheist) is an Islamic strategy to preserve the existence of the marriage institution and allow Muslims to better achieve the aims of their faith.

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