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However, one must probe deeper to get to the bottom of the allure of JFK.

There was the deliberate cultivation of the pageantry of glamour swirling around America’s first royal family – for example, through Jackie’s White House dinners attended by writers, artists and entertainers. One immediately thinks of the photo of Kennedy as President-elect arriving for Christmas mass with prayer book in hand at Palm Beach.Think of those sun-kissed images of Kennedy in shades sailing off Hyannis Port, or playing with his children in the Oval Office, or his daughter Caroline seated on his lap in Air Force One.These are images that advertisers would die for; today they are promoted by Gucci or Prada. It is as if every presidential campaign since has channelled this brand power and has merely been a cheap parody.Indeed, he laid down the template that many politicians have since emulated – the Western equivalent of the cult of personality.Without JFK, there would have been no Clinton, Obama, Blair or even Cameron. This has reshaped our politics to the degree that a leader is deemed electable or unelectable based on the projection of a media image or persona.

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