School nudist camp

We're their parents after all." Roger clearly wasn't happy, but resigned himself to the situation. " Beth leaned forward, looking more closely at her dad's cock, now that she'd been given permission. Do you want our daughter to grow up being confused or not? " Angela allowed Beth to study Roger's cock for a few moments, before sliding his foreskin back down and replacing his heavy member on his leg. " Beth said, desperately trying to invent more questions to give her an excuse to study her dad's cock and balls for longer. Who do you want Beth to come to about the facts of life? We decided we would be open with our children, didn't we? In fact, it's important for men to check them regularly, in case there are any lumps, or they become hard or swollen; as it could mean they have some problem. " "Roger, your daughter is showing a remarkably responsible attitude, wanting to know how to check her future husband for testicular cancer. She was too intent on playing with the huge piece of meat in her hands, sliding the now taut skin over the shaft and onto the head of the giant member.It looked even bigger now, resting on his thigh, covered in a delicate network of blue veins, the head peeking out from under the foreskin. " "Of course not, but this is..." "Is our opportunity to explain the facts of life. Just relax Roger." "Angela you can't, I mean this is..." "Roger, just relax, will you." Angela leaned forward, her boobs swaying heavily, and gently lifted Rogers cock off his leg with one hand, before delicately drawing the foreskin back with the finger and thumb of her other hand. "Um...well, it's difficult to see, because they are inside the scrotum. I can't really see them from here." "Here let me..." Angela reached down to lift her husband's balls so Beth could get a better look. " "Well sure...but, Angela this is too far." "Roger, your daughter is curious about human anatomy; and this holiday is a perfect chance for her to ask questions. " "Well no, I mean, I suppose...." Angela held Roger's big balls up so Beth could better see them. Of course, some men are a bit forgetful; so sometimes we have to remind them, or even do it for them." She gave Roger a pointed look. " "Yes, sometimes." Roger squirmed as the two women studied his balls and took another swig of his beer. In fact, she seems more concerned with it than you do." "I know but, well, looking is one thing, but touching..." "Well, if you know how to examine testicles just by looking at them, I'd love to know how." Roger fell silent and drained his beer. "Roger, I doubt it's very often Beth will be touch a penis that isn't erect; so she might as well get used to what they feel like." "What do you mean Mom? All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real.It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such.She then stood up and bent over to remove her bottoms, making sure her father had the best view possible.As she slid them down her legs she paused, taking little longer than necessary, pretending her bottoms were caught on her sandals, so her dad had a prolonged view of her ass and her puffy little pussy, as it pooched out from between her firm butt cheeks." "Yes, dear." "Well, would it be ok if I ask a question about dad? " "Well, at school they show us text books on what boys look like, you know..." Roger looked a little uncomfortable and glanced at Angela, who gave him a reassuring smile before turning back to Beth. down there, and well dad looks really different from the pictures they show us." "How different?

" Before she realised it the words had left Beth's mouth. Sorry I didn't..." "Young lady you had better not have said what I thought you did!! I'm sure Bethany didn't mean it." "Angela, this is not appropriate..." "I know, I know... " "Cool." Kevin opened a couple of bottles, and sat drinking one as Beth emerged from the RV. " "I said he could have one; and the same applies to you Beth." "Oh..then." She crossed over to the cooler and slowly bent over, making a show of selecting a beer.Beth was still pretty frosty to Kevin over his blackmail and forced hand job. " She made no reply but started to roll up her towel.She was lying some distance from him, reading a magazine; so he wandered over to her. Kevin couldn't help noticing that her bikini was semi-transparent now that it was wet; and the water was cold enough to make her nipples hard." ", but all the same..." "Look, you remember how up tight your parents were about sex, and how you swore you would be different when we had kids? Everyone was hungry; and there wasn't much talk as they ate their food." "Well, of course, but this is different..." "Is it? There was more than they could manage; and in the end they admitted defeat.

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Chairs were set out, along with the barbecue, and a cooler with beers and soft drinks in it. Angela gave a quizzical look to Kevin, who shrugged his shoulders with the most innocent expression he could muster. Swinging about was the biggest dick Beth had ever seen.

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