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But from a pure art and song architecture perspective, I love the psychedelic stuff.We love creating these fantastical worlds, and that really comes from things like Strawberry Fields Forever and I Am The Walrus."You know, Charlotte, it you want to brush up on The Beatles, there were these great remastered box sets released last year. Lennon: "We've had no time to listen to anything - we've been so busy. Maybe from the Revolver to the Magical Mystery Tour period.We don't actually take from my father consciously; it's all very sub-conscious."Kemp Muhl: "Of all the things that Sean has played me, I really like John's psychedelic period more than his political period, even though the political stuff was incredibly moving and relevant socially.There's only a couple of songs that are credited to John and Yoko together.

It was a called Cold Sun, and I was really surprised at how good it was.

Kemp Muhl: "That's the song that paved the way for our whole lyrical aesthetic, which is based around a lot of post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Writing that song, we both discovered that we shared a love of sci-fi, romantic end-of-the-world metaphors and macabre, morbid things."Sean, do you find it a little ironic that your father and mother had a musical partnership, and now here you are following in their footsteps?

I'm sure it's because I don't practice enough."In the past, I would only play the guitar when I was writing a song or recording.

So I think if I practice about half an hour a day, even if we're not recording or doing shows, I probably won't have problems with my hand anymore.

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So I said, 'Well, why don't we try writing some songs together?

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