Sedating cats for airplane travel

He didn't stop yowling or hyperventilating the whole way - it was very distressing. You can find it online or at some higher end pet stores.

I'm using a hard carrier with plenty of ventilation, - it's all wire though - would it make things better or worse to cover all of it but the front with a blanket? Cats can often had adverse reactions to sedatives and what happens when your cat starts siezuring and you're driving through an unfamiliar area? Your cat may be scared to be in the car but it's not going to die of fear.

The well-being of your cat could be a source of concern if the baggage connection between flights should be missed.

Determine whether the airline has requirements for “acclimation.” In the event that you are unable to book a direct flight, your cat and carrier may be left outside the plane for a period of time.

– Verify the airline’s policy regarding baggage liability, especially with respect to pets.

In some cases, your general baggage liability coverage will include your pet.

Pet Mate's a good brand - I have three of them and they're very secure and quite cozy for the cats. Make it a place he wants to go into but don't FORCE him into it. Then try making several small trips with the cat over the next few days.

The only alternative is to leave him in a house where the sole occupant is away from Sunday night to Friday afternoon each week (one of us has moved, the other is staying, but works away) with a neighbour dropping in to feed him, or to find him a new home - I don't want to do either of things.

Thanks in advance for any advice and help Thanks for the replies so far.

Check your ticket for liability limits or, better yet, speak directly with the airline.

If you are sending an economically valuable pet to another person via air, you may need additional liability insurance.

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Before purchasing it, check the cage dimensions and airline requirements so that there won’t be a problem stowing the carrier beneath the seat.

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