Serial daters on online dating

To get started, I posted an ad on an online dating site.

I asked a girlfriend to take a picture of me bathed in late afternoon sunlight and wore the most glamorous smile I could muster.

I'd learned that letting myself kiss the wrong guy set in motion a sort of unwitting hormonal bonding stronger than rational thinking.

If I was going to meet the right man, I decided, I needed to remain chemical-free, to think clearly, to get to know him first. Back then, I'd followed the Hollywood movie model wherein men and women tend to tumble into bed, then into love, and finally into marriage.

I told more than 100 men about my work, my family, my years in Czechoslovakia.

I weathered personal-revelation fatigue and relied on pep talks from girlfriends to see me through.

This is the person who is looking for a meaningful connection and hopes online dating will be the solution to help them meet the right one.

Or who can happily tolerate both of these aspects in me."I got a lot of responses right off the bat.

You go home and tell your friends about this amazing man.

He asks you out for Friday night and you accept the date.

The majority of people create an online dating profile with the goal of retiring it and riding into the sunset together.

Some people get lucky and meet someone they connect with right away.

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