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It would be nice to get proper closure on this, even if it isn’t quite the result some may have hoped for.

Gee Lee was a Chinese cook at the wool scourers on Caroline sheep station on the Burenda run, in the Warrego district.

It was clear that this Reynolds was no fantasy, but a real flesh-and-blood person: and so, in theory, all we had to do was dig up a link between his maritime career and his life on land, and bingo – all his life would be spread before us. And that, I strongly suspected at the time, was going to prove the end of the whole affair: for whatever reason, this H.

Pursuing this fairly slender reed of a lead yet further, I managed to discover (from his employee records) his exact date of birth (8th February 1900): and, from the ever-useful “Log of Logs”, that ships’ logs for two of the three ships Reynolds worked on could be found in two different Australian archives. Charles Reynolds seemed doggedly determined to stay just out of our archival reach.

Prendergast, whom he had known before she married Prendergast.

Anyway, I’ve already been told off once this week for a ‘TL; DR’ (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”) post, so I’d better bring this to a close here.

Perhaps someone will be able to use these details to ferret out a living relative of the various Reynolds brothers, and perhaps try to dig up a separate photograph of Horace Charles Reynolds to independently test this whole narrative.

My guess is that he will turn out to be the “poultry farmer” mentioned very early on, someone quite different to the one we were actually looking for.

The Tasmanian Horace Charles Reynolds appears to have had no children: but if even if didn’t marry, it’s entirely possible that we could trace his immediate family right to the present day and perhaps ask them if we could find a photo of him – after all, 1953 wasn’t really so very long ago, was it?

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