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Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khashab, on behalf of his client, filed a case demanding the defendant (defaulting company) to pay the rest of the amount agreed between them in a commercial deal.He explained the circumstances of the lawsuit in the court and presented supporting documents.If you Google American, British, or English private schools in Kuwait, about twenty-five schools will pop up.

But generally, I think a school with American or British in its name will be a better choice than others.I was at an American school with a good reputation that it deserved.It was run by an administration that cared for its teachers, held us to high standards, ran a clean ship, didn’t allow itself to be bullied by overbearing parents trying to use their “wasta,” and would stand up for its teachers when problems with Kuwaiti parents and children with powerful last names invariably arose.After Lawyer Al-Khashab requested for amendments, the experts reissued the report with a legal interest worth seven percent from the date the debt was due, which was in February 2012." go to Kuwait you will be exposed to a myriad of things that may upset you and you have no power to change or help.

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According to the case file, the suspect was arrested after it was proven that he was planning to carry out terrorist acts in the country.

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