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Our goal is to graduate qualified barber/stylists and see them gainfully employed in their profession.

An applicant must be at least sixteen years of age and have proof of former education – a copy of high school diploma, transcript or GED certificate.

This rate includes only graduates who are hired as apprentice barbers within thirty days of completion.

These estimates are based on the award policies of the 2009-2010 academic year and will be updated in the future.

He must have an interview at the school and fill out an application. Winston Salem Barber School does not discriminate on the basis or sex, race, ethnic origin or religion.

New classes begin the first Tuesday of each month, as space is available. The course is 1528 hours and takes approximately thirty-eight weeks of forty hours each week. Read More The Net Price Calculator is a guide for financial planning for college.

75% or 27 of the 36 graduates who took the Apprentice Exam passed that exam.

87% or 40 of the 46 students graduating during that period found jobs.

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We do not disclose any personal information obtained in the course of research except as required or permitted by law, or to fulfill our contracted services to you. Investigative Associates & Consultants maintains strict procedures to insure that the information we collect is complete, accurate and up to date before it is reported.

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