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For Families, are passionate about helping young men “guard their heart, get the girl, and save the world.” Barrett encourages parents to talk to their sons about guarding their eyes as well as applying wisdom in relationships, even if that means delaying dating. On this subject, many people have called them refreshingly blunt.

Popular speakers on issues related to marriage and family life, they have a heart for equipping parents to help their kids navigate their sexuality.

The Johnsons encourage parents to recognize their responsibility in helping to protect their children's hearts and communicating their family's values about dating long before thei... Hodges recalls the first time he ever met someone who was bipolar, and Bob Lepine talks about his own father, who struggled with this diagnosis. Hodges also explains the difference between depressio...

Listen to the series Tom and Dena Yohe never heard of cutting until their daughter, Renee, started doing it at 12 years of age.

Now a husband and father of three, Harris takes a second look at some of his earlier assumptions and considers how he would say things differently if given the opportunity....

Listen to the series Barrett and Jenifer Johnson tell why it's important for parents to share God's perspective on sex with their children. Charles Hodges explains the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Allberry reminds believers that marriage only points to the ultimate marriage we have with Je...

This means your teens are not in charge at home, and they still need you to set up some guidelines and non-negotiables, like goin... How do we stay true to Christ's example of being grace and truth to the world?William Bennett, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, addresses manhood in today's culture and reflects on his own boyhood and the men who influenced him....Listen to the series Family Life staff members John Majors and Michelle Hill talk about Passport2Identity™, a new resource created to answer the most pressing questions young men and women have about life's issues....Bob Lepine asks these questions and more to a panel of couples who are pastors and ministers in their communities.The panel of various experts offers insight and wisdom into how to engage wit...

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