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The last revision, in November 2002, brought an optional Super Drive, which was the first slot-loading DVD burner offered from Apple.

These machines ran at a clock speed of up to 1GHz and supported 1 GB of RAM. The G4 was just one inch thick, and was made out of metal.

Unfortunately, as it is with most things, the Titanium Power Book wasn't quite perfect.

Unlike the anodized metal Apple uses today, there was paint applied to the Power Book that would chip off over time. The biggest problem with the design would prove to be the hinges.

In short, Apple starts with a slab of aluminum, carves it up and puts the logic board and other components of the computer into it.

The bottom cover is just a thin piece of metal to cover it up; all the structure is formed by the top case.

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This language even made it into the press release: "The all new Titanium Power Book G4 is the most revolutionary portable computer ever created," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO.

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"Its a 'supercomputer to go' in terms of performance, yet it's thinner and sexier than the best subnotebooks." On the power front, the new notebook came with the G4 processor, which was notably faster than the previously-used G3.

For some tasks, Apple claimed it was 60% faster, in fact.

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Each of the two initial SKUs came with slot-loading DVD-ROM drives, 2 Fire Wire ports (hidden behind a door in the back with the rest of the I/O) and were Airport-ready.

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