Sexiest women live teen and chatting with adult

You can think of it as meaning the same as “desirable” in most cases.

Kind of like a more socially acceptable way of saying “ho.”Example: “I’ve seen her with a different guy every weekend, she’s a thot.”18.Teens these days drop so many “lits,” “fams,” and “wokes,” that you never know if they’re giving you a compliment or secretly planning to set your house on fire.It’s partly the natural evolution of language and part byproduct of text messaging and social media.Woke - “Woke” means you’re knowledgeable, aware, and “with it.” You’re not naive about the topic at hand and are above all smart and tactful.It’s the exact opposite of ignorance, and is usually used as such.

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These include a few of my own from living with a teen and working with a millennial! Fam - A person’s group of friends, but can also sometimes be used to reference just one member of that tight inner circle. Similar to “cool,” but with an added emphasis on the fact that it’s fresh and current.

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