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” Well that story is still very much in production and will return soon. Because as you can see from this chapter there are a lot of pieces put into play on the big chess board of life and there’s quite a bit that’s left to happen.2013 is going to be a big year for the girls of Malibu and I feel more confident than ever that we will see multiple chapters released this coming year. There’s a lot going on here and we’re all going to find out soon just what exactly it’s all going to mean.She was nowhere near her own bed and she couldn’t remember why she was there.She never slept on the floor and even if she did she certainly wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the house.

Now you might have a lot of questions going right now, especially, “KMB, where the heck have you been the last two years?

Her journey through the mansion provided no answers either, just more questions.

She walked slowly given her headache and when she got further into the house she was shocked by what she saw. She saw Stacy sleeping on top of the dining room table, naked to the world with her bare ass sticking up.

When she stood up off the floor she was immediately hit by a wave of dizziness and she grabbed onto a nearby couch to steady herself.

While that passed quickly, the sense of dread inside her did not. And even scarier than what she thought she tasted on her lips was the fact that she couldn’t remember anything about the night before.

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