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Unlike a lot of girls on here, when I say I will meet I really do mean it. There are so many on here that say they want to meet but they don't really, I'm sure if you have tried to arrange a meeting then you too will have been let down.

It's the single most annoying thing about people on here when you have gone to so much trouble getting ready then they let you down.

● Singing and Dancing to Vengaboys - We Like To Party in Pryzm Nightclub, Jan 20th 2017. ● Singing and Dancing to Firework at Pink Punters Dec 30th 2016. ● Three minute video of my new Goth/Rock Chick look October 22nd 2016. I would say that the main reason I dress is because I have more fun as Gemma than I do as a male. I think I have become bored with my male life and becoming the Sexy young Gemma for a night on the town is just far too tempting.

● My walk-through of the LGBT Village Inn, Birmingham on Sat 15th October 2016.

I love Women or sexy T-Girls that take care in their appearance and what they wear.

● 1st July 2017 - First time creating natural cleavage. ● 16th June 2017 - Went out in Nottingham in daytime casual mode around the Market Square. ● "Me and Emily walking in corridor." 12th Sept 2017. ● "Gemma and Emily's weekend in Hull." 30th June 2017. I am Gemma only at the weekends so I tend to make the most of it. Feel free to message me about anything, I love to hear from people.

► My fantasies If you have read my stories and seen my Flikr photographs then you will probably realise I seem to fulfil a lot of fantasies but I do still have some.... I am 100% smooth, No hair anywhere, yes even down there !

I want to have sex with a real girl while I'm dressed. I'm a non-smoker, I don’t take drugs and never get drunk during a meet.

I am well known for my smile and fun loving attitude to life. I'm 5' 7", size 14, 100% smooth, Natural looking, convincing, fun and have a real naughty side too! ) ► Flickr Galleries : 1914 Photos/Videos, 6011 Followers. ► Next social meets : 10th Nov BNO, 11th Nov Pink Punters, 1st Dec LFF, 2nd Dec Leeds, 15th/16th Dec Sheffield, 22nd Dec to 1st Jan 2018 Hull. ● "Give me Loving", April Pro Makeover, 30th April 2017. I am not a shy t-girl as you will find out if you go out with me.

You can often find me in Nottingham, Hull, Birmingham, Pink Punters, LFF etc. I am well known for being a very caring and helpful girl, doing whatever I can to get new girls to have confidence to get out there and enjoy en femme life. 👗 My Most memorable moments : ● 16th Sept 2017 - On stage with the Lady boys of Bangkok during their show in Newcastle. ● February's LFF weekend in 886 Selfies, 1st April 2017. ● 560 Selfies in 2 1/2 Mins Feb BNO March 21st 2017. I'm a fun loving girly as you can tell by my stories and Flickr pics. I am a multi-interest girl : ● Friends to chat with, Tgirls or real girls.

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If I did want to actually transition fully then I'm just the right height for doing so but quite frankly I am very happy with my cock and the pleasure is brings me and others so no way have I even considered it. I've been dressing up since I was about 14 but only in private and only ever in lingerie, In 2011 I discovered TVChix and started meeting others like me, this site changed my life.

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