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"Nobody's ever gone to the board of censors with a game This could mark a new trend in computer gaming.

1 ' The Spectrum version of Oracula may not be as blood thirsty as its 15 certificate pretends The Commodore 64 graphics helped to push the censorship board to its verdict but the Sinclair version is unlikely to include such dripping gore.

Ellery says: "The digitised graphics take up a lot of Ram so we'll have to see what sort of graphics we can put on the Spectrum.

A control panel allows you to alter Border, Paper and ink colours. The Press, for the Spectrum, compacts Quill text databases so you can squeeze more locations into Ram.

MAX will be available on Microdrive only, will work with keyboard, joystick or mouse and Will cost £14.95. PAW, however, drew the biggest crowds at the show It's a professional quality extension of the original Quill and Illustrator programs.

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CODING THE FUTURE - Footbaler of the Year ■fiants and opted to Ti*^b«w Hrvbi3^dwi-»vdim^^^^vstay with Rovers. • Astros Products, a new programming team, is producing Samurai for CRL.

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