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I read the reviews on this site and made the mistake of not taking the warning and joined MSF!!!LADIES, please take notice of the reviews on this site and save your money, MSF is a complete waste of time.I followed the advice section, sent out lots of emails, logged on frequently and did not receive any replies, in fact most mail went unread??I wish i had taken notice of the reviews and saved myself a lot of money :-((…Read Full Review The site was useful and helped me to meet a number of interesting people in my local area, one of whom I have started to date and and so far so good! One thing I didn't like about it so much was that under each persons picture a few key charteristics were displayed.

We are most grateful to the people who have shared their positive experiences of our service on this site - mostly as a passing 'guest', just as your review reads.

Read Full Review In short, the site may look fun and friendly, but I'm my experience it's really not great for the ego.

Prepare to send lots of emails out and add lots of guys to your favourites and get no response at all.

This is no different to the member writing their own report.

Perhaps they'll one day reach the farcical situation where the description…

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