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Oak Grove was discontinued as a regular stop when North Station and the drawbridges reopened on April 20, 1985, but the platform at Malden Center was permanently reopened for transfer purposes.

A station stop also exists at Oak Grove in Malden, but this stop is only used when Orange Line rapid transit service is disrupted.Service to North Andover ended in November 1974, and to Shawsheen, Andover, and Ballardvale in November 1975 after Andover withdrew.The round trip, by then stopping just at Lawrence, Bradford and Haverhill, was ended in June 1976.On June 30, 1967, the B&M ended all interstate service.The Dover trip was cut back to Haverhill, funded by the towns of Haverhill, North Andover, Lawrence, and Andover.

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Salem Street stop on the Wildcat Branch opened to replace North Wilmington on the mainline.

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