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He was not a general as the legend anointed him; technically, he was a lieutenant colonel, one who at West Point military school had finished bottom of his class.

'The indians were shooting the soldiers as they came up out of the water,' Brave Bear later recalled.

Sitting Bull's strategy was not to go looking for a fight with the white man, but to be ready to fight back if they were attacked.

Fatally, and in defiance of his orders, Custer made the decision to do just that.

Thus, the campaign against the sioux and Cheyenne tribes in the spring of 1876 was hardly an effort to defend innocent American pioneers from indian attack. After a series of increasingly bloody skirmishes in the Black Hills in May and June of 1876, the U. military decided only a 'severe and persistent chastisement' would bring the indians to submission.

And so Custer and 750 men were sent out as an advance party from their base camp at Fort Lincoln to locate the villages of the sioux and Cheyenne responsible for the Black Hills insurrections.

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One solder was hit in the back of the head with an arrow and kept riding with the shaft rooted in his skull until another arrow hit him in the shoulder and finally he toppled from his horse.

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