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While posing as a teenage boy, Bjerknes allegedly dared one minor to send him multiple sexual pictures of herself and watch a “porno clip” he sent her.The complaint outlines the experiences of three different victims, though Beltrami County prosecutors say there are likely more.He pleaded not guilty to two of the local charges, but has not entered a plea on the other two.

The girls’ parents found “disturbing” messages on their children’s cell phones, the complaint said.

Investigators searched Bjerknes’ home on March 20 and seized his cell phone, according to a criminal complaint.

Law enforcement then allegedly found Snapchat conversations between the username “Brett Larson 6969” and two different children, which included photos and descriptions of sexual conduct.

According to the complaint, Bjerknes gave the children specific instructions related to the pictures he requested.

He is accused of sending the children pictures of his own genitals, and of preserving the photos they send him via Snapchat with a second i Phone.

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