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Relationship controversies also made the top ten list. Blanda Eggenschwiler and Joe Jonas's sex tape 8.

In May Swiss resident Elena Rybolovleva, ex-wife of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovleva, shot up Google’s search rankings when she was awarded the biggest ever divorce settlement in history by a Geneva court.

I visited the baths in Val d'Illiez a few years ago during a ski trip as it was snowing too heavily for the pistes to be open.

We didn't have a massage or anything, we just swam in the pools but got bored pretty quickly as it was too cold to be out of the water.

There's something quite relaxing about swimming around in an outdoor pool in the rain or drizzle.

The artist, who had previously raised eyebrows in Germany by squeezing paint-filled eggs out of her vagina to create a painting, was denied entry to Art Basel on the grounds there was no place for spontaneous performance pieces in a fully curated show. The government-backed Love Life advertising campaign, which aimed to promote safe-sex and combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, was criticized for its ‘No Regrets’ video which showed graphic images of naked and semi-naked couples making love while singing Edith Piaf’s ‘Non je ne regrette rien’. International Camp Suisse has a picturesque base at an alititude of 1100m, which provides unique unlimited access to the mountains and lakes of the surrounding area.Read more about our location and facilities The Camp Suisse programme is a great balance of outdoor Alpine adventure activities, sports, language courses and cultural excursions unique to our region.The programme was cancelled on the back of public outrage, but that decision was subsequently overturned in court, with Carlos ordered to undergo a second therapy programme costing 19,000 (,200) francs a month. That ended in September after it was found to have “no educational effect”, and Carlos was rearrested in October for threatening behaviour.

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