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Valco, best known for the Supro line of amps, also manufactured Gretsch's amps through the 1950s and '60s.

In addition to Gretsch and Supro, Valco also made amps for National, Oahu, Airline and other brands, and the same amp design would be sold under the different brands, sometimes with small alterations for each particular brand.

- Tones based on the clear and gritty tones of ‘60s Supro tube amps - Drive knob acts in a similar fashion to the volume controls on the old amplifiers.

Aria Lap Steel This vintage Aria Lap Steel was sent in by HDBluse of Florida. No further info on date of manufacture, no visible serial number, but it's fun to play and has a nice sound, especially when plugged in to the above mentioned Gretsch Amp. Building upon that initial success Aria expanded their product line to include electric instruments and an impressive array of acoustic instruments.This Martin dreadnought is part of the re-introduction of mahogany-top guitars to Martin's line.Fender (founded in 1946), Hohner (founded in 1857), and Martin (founded in 1833) have, collectively, been in the business of instrument manufacturing for nearly 400 years. Gretsch amps were offered in at least five basic styles, with the earliest ones usually covered in a tweed material.Beginning sometime around 1954 or '55, tweed was phased out in favor of a charcoal gray cloth with silver streaks in it.

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