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You just have to click on the picture and then state whether you find it hot or not.The portal does not accept any inappropriate or obscene pictures. I'm just a girl looking for love like everyone else out there... So all of that drama with the guy finding that note blew over. I have been a straight person until now.i am confused..i don't even know what i should do about it..i have fallen in love with my best friend and i am addicted to her..i didn't talk with her too much until like 2 months before and now i cant seem to stay without talking to her... She said I was gross, a disgrace, a disappointment. I don't feel as much of a hatred towards myself anymore so I guess that's a plus. My friend A told me and it kills me to she her with him and It doesn't help that my friend CA is acting weird and not...Anyway we have been flirting crazy back and forth this time feels different she's definetly responding so its going fab been... Actually i have been in a long term relationship with a guy which i loved very much but things didnt work out between us, we have broken up recently. and i already knew she likes girls and i was curious, i had... Sometimes I pretend that I'm brave enough to talk to you, Sometimes I do talk to you, but I can't ever hold a conversation with you because Sometimes I get way too nervous that all thoughts fly out of my mind. I so badly want to touch you, to reach out and hold you, but fear over comes me, fear of what you might say or what you might do, I tremble by the thought of never seeing you again so for now my lips are sealed. then we started to be friends and she was so funny but i didn't made the "love at first sight" thing, it took me 2 years to know that i love her. We made vegetarian shrimp alfredo, abused the cooking wine, laughed too much, and slow danced in the kitchen to old school blues. I am afraid of telling her that I like her in a romantic sense, and it pains me that I am unable to tell her. Love is just a shout into the void and more so a concept I never believed in... something about love that has been drilled into our minds… and I told her thanks for being my friend, for being so generous with your time, and..light up my life. I can't say everything what i feel and how the other people show their love to each other...I looked at his Facebook one day and saw the he was transgender now.

We both have supportive family and friends and it's all great. however, scared of what others would think and say i never bothered to find one i can date.I decided to write this because it simply feels nice to share, and incase anyone at all can relate. now experience what it's like to fall in love for the first time. Over time i started realising i really had a thing for her, and it even got to the point where i had dreams where i told her that i loved her, and dreams where we made out. person who knowse better than myself because of my feelings towards her. I look at her and all I see is beautiful no matter how her hair looks or how she is dressed. We have kissed 3 or 4 times now and I am developing strong feelings for her.So I was too much of a punk to actually "ask" Jasmine to hang out with me or... I've never been the type of girl to just say that I love someone for the sake of saying it. I remember how awkward it was when we first kissed, Inside that closet, we barely fit :) How red your face was when we sat on the bed, You kept making excuses, saying it was the beer instead. She was the first woman that I have ever loved, and probably the only woman that I will love like this in my life. so many interesting stories on here so I thought I would share my thoughts. She jokingly talks about dating me but I dont think shes serious. What sucks is knowing the person you think about every minute, of every hour, of everyday is out there not giving a **** about you. We had a few sleepovers where we didnt sleep at all and on that one sleepover she asked me out i said yes but at this time i wasnt sure i wanted to date her.. I can't really explain it, each time I pass you by.I smile quietly to myself, and feel the need to cry.

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