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From the beginning of 1998 through April, 46 Aboriginal girls were found to have been engaged in prostitution.

In 2004, 952 persons were indicted, and 794 were convicted.

The penalty for engaging in remunerated sexual relations with a child is a minimum of five years imprisonment and a fine.

Chi of Taiwan, China, received the 0,000 Kellogg's Child Development Award for her lifetime contributions toward helping children learn and grow.

Most child prostitutes ranged in age from 12 to 17 years.

The juvenile welfare law enables juvenile welfare bodies, prosecutors, and victims to apply to courts for termination of guardianship of parents and the appointment of qualified guardians if parents have forced their children into prostitution.

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This reduction may have come about due to intensive efforts on the part of social workers and nongovernmental organizations to combat the practice of selling female children into prostitution.

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