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For purposes of the preceding sentence, the shareholder's holding period of the PFIC stock ends on the day before the CFC qualification date.

After the deemed dividend election, the shareholder's stock with respect to which the election was made under this paragraph (c) shall not be treated as stock in a PFIC and the shareholder shall not be subject to taxation under section 1291 with respect to such stock unless the qualified portion of the shareholder's holding period ends, as determined under section 1297(e)(2), and the foreign corporation thereafter qualifies as a PFIC under section 1297(a).

A deemed sale under this section is treated as a disposition subject to taxation under section 1291.

Except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section, a shareholder shall make the deemed sale election under this paragraph (b) and section 1298(b)(1) in the shareholder's original or amended return for the taxable year that includes the CFC qualification date (election year).

If the deemed sale election is made in an amended return, the return must be filed by a date that is within three years of the due date, as extended under section 6081, of the original return for the election year.

Section 1291(d)(2) allows a shareholder to purge the continuing PFIC taint by either making a deemed sale election or a deemed dividend election.

A shareholder of a foreign corporation that is a section 1297(e) PFIC with respect to such shareholder may make a deemed sale election under section 1298(b)(1) by applying the rules of this paragraph (b).

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