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I got us out of it and there was no producer bailing out happening, so that was an embellishment. I would admit there was an incident, but we got out in that turquoise convertible VW beetle and were back for work on time." Producer bail out or not, the excursion was enough to bond the stars for a lifetime.Wong revealed that many of the actors who starred in still spend time together to this day, explaining that Nicole Bilderback (Toro cheerleader Whitney) was the maid of honor in the wedding of Clare Kramer (teammate Courtney) to her producer husband Brian Keathley, and "Jesse Bradford and Eliza Dushku pick each other up at the airport" when they're in one another's hometowns.The two had gotten together and planned possible questions according to Morris Walker’s book, Steve Martin: The Magic Years: Marsha asks the stumped Bachelor Number Three,“If you were a holiday, how would you like to be celebrated?” When he thoroughly drops the ball, Marsha quickly redirects the question to Steve who responds, “I’ve always had a great respect for Arbor Day."I remember a lot of intermingling with the actual cheerleaders and I remember there was a lot of flirting, but I don’t know how far things went with that," said Lindsay Sloane, who played outgoing head cheerleader, Big Red. The stuff of legend." Executive Producer Max Wong expanded on the stars' brush with the local Tijuana, Mexico, law enforcement, explaining to the outlet, "[They] were on the beach drinking and got arrested and got thrown into Mexican jail."I know there was a weekend where they went to Tijuana – that happened. I mean we were kinda close [to Tijuana] but I remember thinking like, ' Oh wow, she’s kind of like her character in the movie, she went to Tijuana, she’s so edgy.'" Union, who famously played East Compton Clover cheerleader Isis, was one of the actors who went on the trip, telling MTV News, "It was a pretty good time, there might have been some trips down to Tijuana, perhaps. And at some point, Eliza and a couple of the actors felt like they were in so much danger they decided to make themselves less attractive [by] using lipstick to draw all over their faces.At this time Martin was a comedy writer for the producers to bring his “long lost” friend, Marsha, onto the program; the idea being that she wouldn’t know that one of the bachelors was, in actuality, her old friend, Steve.Of course, Marsha Walker was indeed aware of Bachelor Number One’s identity in advance.

Obviously the Mexican league isn’t an easy league to compete in, but I’ve done well to get myself into the starting lineup and I have to continue that way.” Arriola added to his strong run of form by scoring the game-winning goal in a 1-0 victory against Club América in the Copa MX Round of 16 on March 8.With Arriola’s strong run of form at Tijuana to start the new year, MNT head coach Bruce Arena indicated last week that the young attacker was a player he and his staff would “have to strongly consider” for March’s World Cup Qualifying matches against Honduras and Panama.If he does return, Arriola will be quite familiar with Arena and his staff, having been recruited by Kenny Arena to come to UCLA as well as playing in the LA Galaxy Academy and training under Arena, as well as assistants Dave Sarachan and Pat Noonan, with the first team before signing with Tijuana in 2013."I want to go on the record and say no producers came and bailed us out," she told MTV News."There may have been an incident in TJ one weekend but we got ourselves out of it.

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"I’ve run into Kirsten over the years, and it’s always love," added Union, who faced off against Dunst in the flick.

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