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At some point they moved to a new location in the foothills the Kopet Dagh.

The Urantia Book states that Van "Adamson was among that group of children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother.

Our story begins with the Lucifer Rebellion and the transporting of the Tree of Life to a high mountainous region by Van the leader of the loyalists. So ancient is the beginning of this story that we have no written record of these events. It took a long long time to be written but it's there.

It took the coming of the Andites and the culture they created to reveal this incredible legend.

The image to the left shows the four locations where the Tree of Life grew.

The first is in the southern most area of what would become Mesopotamia. It was here they built the first city of Dalamatia that the Andites would later call Dilmun in their epics as a rememberance of it.

For the time being, at least, their presence usually improved the religious beliefs and moral practices of the older races." (Urantia Book p.873)These final emigrations from Mesopotamia went north in their largest number via the Caspian sea.

This ancient language gave the Occidental tongues all of that similarity which is called Aryan." (Urantia Book p. 872-3)of the Andites continued on down to their final dispersions, from 8000 to 6000 B. They were skillfull domesticators of animals and expert agriculturists.I wish I could say the Adamites and the Nodites only lived in what would later become Sumeria but nothing's that simple.Actually, one of Adam and Eve's sons - Adamson a pure line Adamite - met and married one of the last pure Nodite women and founded what I call the third Garden of Eden.And the Andite's inventiveness did not halt until after civilization appeared and they were quietly absorbed into the many faces of mankind.With the passing of the Andites no longer would the bloodline of the Adamites and Nodites be available to up step the peoples of the planet.

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The Urantia Book defines these people as a race which have been long absorbed to the various peoples of today. They were humorous, artistic, adventurous, inventive and musical. The Kopet Dagh, the location of the "3rd Eden" home of Adamson and Ratta.

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