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For example, if there is a code path that removes an outlet from its superview, or the outlet is (intentionally) not hooked up in the storyboard, it needs to be an optional because the outlet is not guaranteed to be there when it's accessed.This ensures that if the label is removed from the superview, it's not being kept in memory by the strong reference in the view controller.Hi all, I posted about this problem on another thread, which seemed to resolve itself in the end when I switched between debug and release builds (on Windows). - if you are TDD'ing then maybe, if not, your not writing clean code.I'm now at home on Mac OSX with QT creator 2.0.1 and the problem has come back and won't go away.

If this command's displayed text needs to be altered, say, if its keybinding has changed, then both its UI representation as a menu item and a tool item needs to be updated.

): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOLID_...iented_design) Do you write clean code?

Application user interfaces are always single-threaded, even in multi-threaded devices – there’s only one representation of the screen and any changes to what is displayed need to be coordinated through a single ‘access point’.

Any UI updates that occur on a different thread (such as a callback or background thread) may not get rendered to the screen, or could even cause a crash.

When you are creating controls in a view, or handling a user-initiated event such as a touch, the code is already executing in the context of the UI thread.

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