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No “white washing” to make the author seem cooler or more relatable, but again, the UNVARNISHED TRUTH of the entire game, from the inside out.After all this time, you’d finally get a window into what the lifestyle really looks like.Learn how to ATTRACT THE WOMEN YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED any place, anytime, and in any situation!Get your FREE E-Course newsletters with hundreds of amazing attraction tips and techniques -- A 7 VALUE!

Apparently he was holding a frying pan in the air and wearing a giant rubber glove, for no real reason at all.I want to support you in your goal of getting this whole “success with women” thing down, but I feel like I needed to tell you the truth. Plotting to get that woman you only hooked up with a few times into a relationship, so you could slink back into the nerd-shadows and avoid having to really improve yourself?? I want to open your eyes, part the curtains, and reveal to you that there is INDEED at least one dude who has taken this to a level that would seem ABSURD to the majority of people.I mean, Getting the crush on that girl who you barely knew, then double-checking your text messages when your phone wasn’t even beeping to see if she was hitting you back?? We’re talking a level where nothing less than total success and domination was acceptable, even if he had to destroy his entire life in a spectacle of public humiliation to get there.AS WELL AS every scandalous detail, sordid incident, and spiritual epiphany that he’s experienced over the past fifteen years.Alright so given that 1) this book is written by none other than JEFFY, and 2) the very obvious “tongue in cheek” tone of this letter so far, you’ve probably already guessed that the book we’re talking about is going to be a DARK COMEDY to the fullest extent.

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