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Many managed Word Press hosting plans use server-side caching.If you are using a managed Word Press service from your hosting provider and you are seeing this issue, you may want to see if they have an option to manually flush the cache.Since the browser hasn't registered your adjustment as an actual change, it opts to reload the exact same page that you previously looked at.The solution in this case is to clear or empty your browser's cache.Edits may become visible after some length of time when the cached version expires.

This situation may also occur if you are using a managed Word Press hosting plan.

Be aware that some web hosting services use caching plugins on the backend without letting the user know explicitly.

You may be able to turn this off via your webhost's configuration panel.

Ubuntu maintains a cache of packages that are used when installing a new product.

If a recommended package is not in this list, you will be unable to install it.

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