Updating joomla 1 0 to 1 5

However, once again (unfortunately), upgrading Joomla can cause headache to its users.

At the moment when we write this blog post, current Joomla version is 3.6.2.

Using 'Automatic updates' for 1.6.5, 1.6.6 and 1.7.0 has to be done twice to bring Joomla up to the current version.

We will suppose that current version of your Joomla is 3.5.0 or 3.5.1 and explain how to upgrade it. When you open Joomla administrator panel, it will offer you to upgrade to Joomla 3.6.0 (not to the latest Joomla 3.6.2 or later). Click the Upgrade button and upgrade your Joomla to version 3.6.0. Open your Joomla administrator panel again and it will offer you to upgrade to Joomla 3.6.2 (or later) this time. Before upgrading to Joomla 3.6.2 (or later), you should upgrade Joomla! This component is responsible for safe Joomla upgrades.

However, it has a bug in version 3.6.0 and you should upgrade this component prior to upgrading Joomla. After this, you can go to the administrator's panel again and upgrade Joomla to 3.6.2 (or later) as you usually do.

Joomla 3.6.2 has just been released (soon after version 3.6.1) and we recommend that you update.

These releases squashed some bugs and also fixes some low and medium-level security issues.

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