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There is an application note that describes how to do this for both the C-more and C-more Micro panel: is also an example program with a PDF printout of the ladder logic code: ID: 1110 Can the cmore HMI read Rslogix 5000 / Contrologix alarm instruction blocks?

Alarm is a A-B datatype, you can enable the importing of this type by editting the "L5KPre Define.txt" file in the Cmore install folder.

There's an app note that covers this; AN-EA-001 FAQ ID: 1188 Why is it that only 7 digits can be entered in the "Numeric Entry Object "when using Floating point numbers as the data format?

32-bit Floating point (single precision floating point) only has a decimal precision of 7 significant digits.

You can add up to 64 devices in the Panel Manager as devices.

You may have issues before that number is reached depending on network traffic and response times.

64-bit (or Double Precision) Floating point has a decimal precision of 16 significant digits FAQ ID: 1190 Can I change the backup battery with power applied to my C-more HMI? Access the rear of the HMI, open the battery door located under the power connector, and replace the battery.

EA9 series panels: There is no battery in the EA9 series panels.

FAQ ID: 1080 Do historical trends keep their data when power cycled?The panel has been tested with 64 devices connected on a properly functioning network.FAQ ID: 1086 How can I make the PLC change screens on the C-more panel?The EA7 series C-More panels CANNOT send e-mail through a GMail, Yahoo etc. The EA9 series C-More panels CAN send mail through an SSL encrypted servers The EA7 series can send e-mail through another server to them.Many E-Mail servers use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and other security features that the EA7 series C-More does not support.

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In this case, you will need to unzip the downloaded file and then run the installation again.

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