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G2 represents rules in a natural language form, enabling domain experts to be directly part of rule creation and maintenance.The rules and associated logic can be organized in several ways to facilitate their management, including via tables, tree diagrams, and hierarchical workspaces.With G2, builders of rule-driven, mission-critical applications work more productively, minimize their project delivery risks, and increase their success in building long-lasting systems.G2 transforms real-time operations data into automated decisions and actions, all in real time.For application development and maintenance, runtime editing adds tremendous value.While the application is being prototyped and built, developers and business users immediately see the impact of logic changes.End user experts can literally “look over the shoulder” of the application builder as object models and rule logic are created and in many cases take the lead for entering logic.Unlike other rule engines, G2 unifies object modeling, simulation, rules, procedures, and deployment in one comprehensive and holistic real-time environment.

G2 objects graphically represent the properties and behaviors of items of interest and their relationships – such as physical items like a tank, pump, or instrument or abstract items like an event, task, decision, order, message, or logical connection.

With G2GL, users graphically model and execute parallel and sequential flow logic in real time for a wide variety of business and workflow processes.

G2’s ability to update any modeling or logic changes during runtime, without stopping to recompile and reload, is a major advantage for business agility, development productivity, and application maintenance.

This unification offers a tremendous benefit for efficiently managing an application’s lifecycle from prototyping to development to deployment to ongoing maintenance.

G2’s real-time processing begins within its internal scheduling engine for concurrently executing rules, procedures, models, and other tasks.

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