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“After I got cast in this On the Town reading, I went to Alysha’s good friend, Marla Mindelle, who was is in Cinderella, with me and I said, ‘Tell me about your friend, because I think she’s as cute as they come.’”READ MORE: ALYSHA UMPHRESS AND CODY WILLIAMS TALK THEIR SHOWMANCEIn addition to his appearances in Broadway’s Cinderella and On The Town, Williams made his debut as part of the ensemble in 2009’s Memphis.

Like most other nights Smith frequents the bar, located behind a coffee shop on 9th Avenue, about once a weekthe anchors attention fell on his date.“I’m proud and humbled by the week we have spent together,” San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO Neil G. Added LA LGBT Center CEO Lorri Jean: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this such a phenomenal event.” Are you ready for tonight’s Tony Awards? It will be great to have a singing and dancing Hugh Jackman back as host. ’ WATCH: Anderson Cooper giggles as he’s given a tongue bath by Andy Cohen’s dog Wacha Thursday Morning Man: Chris Lane! It’s the best of both worlds since four-time host Neil Patrick Harris is a nominee for Wilson Cruz featured in People Magazine this week: ‘What a wild ride this career had been’ Morning Round-Up: Ezra Miller; Portia de Rossi; Kevin Spacey; Charlie Sheen; Alexandra Billings See the official trailer for upcoming Netflix special ‘Barbra: The Music… The two began dating during the reading/workshop phase of the latest Broadway revival of On The Town, in which Umphress played the brassy cabbie Hildy.

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  1. The two critical rules for older guys dating girls under 25: Rule #1: Don’t be needy You should never be needy with any woman (exceptions made if she’s an over 30 divorcee with two kids and a Snickers bar figure) but it is especially important to refrain from showing even the slightest displays of neediness with the under 25 girls.